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Ever wondered about your purpose in life?
Ever wondered what you were made for?
Come and find out more @ MADE 2 LOVE!

We LOVE because He first LOVED us.
First John Four : Nineteen

This MADE 2 LOVE concert is brought to you by the
youth of GTPJ.

Transportation is available.
Please call Alex Ng @ 016 311 7526 for more details.

El Nino

Image above: The image shows what happens when a very strong El Nino strikes surface waters in the Central equatorial Pacific Ocean. The sequence shows warm water anomalies (red) develop in the Central Pacific Ocean. Winds that normally blow in a westerly direction weaken allowing the easterly winds to push the warm water up against the South American Coast. Credit: NASA

El Nino or El Nina is a phenomenon of the abnormal rise in temperature of surface ocean waters in the eastern tropical Pacific (Between South America and Indonesia). Also known as the Southern Oscillation the warm current is heated eastward (towards Indonesia), replacing the cold nutrient-rich surface water which supports a good fish habitat. As El Nino can last up to months, the fishing industry can be badly affected.

Current signs have proved that El Nino is on a strike back since its last occurrence in 2005. The following recent occurrences coincides with the signs of El Nino:

1. Rise in water surface pressure over Indian Ocean, Indonesia and Australia 2. Fall of air pressure over Central and Eastern Pacific Ocean 3. Trade winds in the south Pacific weakens and heads towards East (Indonesia) 4. Warm water spreads from west Pacific and Indian Ocean to the east Pacific, taking rain with it, causing drought in the western Pacific and rainfall in the normally dry eastern Pacofic.

This phenomenon can be seen to have a see-saw pattern. When the surface pressure is high in the eastern tropical Pacific, it is low in the tropical Pacific. And so happens in the vice-versa.

See below to further understand what El Nino is:

Normal Conditions


El Nino Conditions

Scientists do not really understand how El Nino forms. It is believed that El Nino may have contributed to the 1993 Mississippi and 1995 California floods, drought conditions in South America, Africa and Australia. It is also believed that El Nino contributed to the lack of serious storms such as hurricanes in the North Atlantic which spared states like Florida from serious storm related damage.1

In order to curb against El Nino, we urge all to conserve water usage in embrace for the drought and temperature to worsen. x

1. El Nino |

Nasi Campur @ Ole-Ole Bali

nasicampur Nasi Campur

Other than the Ayam Bertutu and the Kambing Bumbu dishes, Ole-ole Bali was also famous for its Nasi Campur (Mixed Rice). This is obviously a rice; in this case its white rice instead of briyanni. Catering to the meat-cravers, this dish comes with the choice of Beef Reandang or Chicken Rendang. The Nasi Campur is hence served with rice and meat with a combination of Grilled Squid, Grilled Dory fillet, Sambal spices, fried Belacan Kang Kong

The rice was just any other ordinary fragrant rice. However, our opted choice of Beef Rendang was good; tastefully rich and lean. Savoring the fresh grilled squid and Dory fillet too was very satisfying. The seafood were fresh, and grilled to perfection! What I loved most about this dish was the Satay Lipit. Its satay fish I presume, and every chew of it was memorable.

@ RM25.00++, I'd rate this dish a 5/5. Although having a comparable price to western restaurants such as TGIF or Itallianies, my vote's towards Ole-ole Bali because Ole-ole Bali serves fresh chef cooked food rather than pre-cooked and reheated food! Thumbs up to Ole-ole Bali! x

The NEVER-NEVER-Ending work


Work work work and work are my plural singular daily routine. Materials test on Saturday, electrical test coming up tomorrow, 2 quizzes up next week, tutorials for structures, Preliminary work for Electrical report, Computer lab submission on Friday, Structures Project 2… WHAT MORE! WHAT MORE!!! ARGH!!!!

Missing out on joy, social activities with friends, and time for myself is really consuming me! I need a breather. I feel like I’m going down down down!

Jumping to Conclusions? Not so Fast!

Below are 2 youtube videos of Britains Got Talent 2009. Watch them!



Realise that everyone is special in their own way! Never look down on anyone, as you too are not perfect. Be fair to others, and be fair to yourself! Take up the challenge, of accepting a person for his/her weaknesses, and soon you’ll come to discover his/her strength. God made us all special!

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