My 20th with the Thoo’s

Back on 11th April 2009, the Thoo’s - Kok Wai, Wendy and Suet Mei travelled all the way from Ampang to come by my place to celebrate my belated birthday (9th April) with me. Knowing that all my family members are scattered around the world, they wanted to help fit that hole in my heart with some warm family love.


Being greeted at my doorstep together with them were boxes of coffee bean cakes. This day was commemorated with a few slices of cakes which were picked up in midst of their travels. Above is a picture of my Birthday cake – Chocolate Fudge.


After the candle blowing, it was Bon Apatite! Above is a picture of the Blueberry Cheesecake which Suet Mei had.


Above is a picture of us all (Wendy, Kok Wai, Suet Mei and I). I really enjoyed the company and appreciated the effort to come by for my birthday. As seeing Wendy was a rare opportunity and Kok Wai an even rare-er opportunity, I really cherished our catching up that day. Till we meet again, I wish you good health and God speed.

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